Welcome to my dedicated author page!

IMG_5852My name is Pamela Foreman (commonly called Pam) and I am a new author working hard to turn into a best selling author! This site is not only about me and my books, but I have a blog where I review books, post updates and more, showcasing authors when I can. We all have to support one another in the book publishing game!


I currently have three published books, all available in paperback and electronic copies.


You can find out more information about me on my About the Author page. I’m not just a writer, but a wife, mom, teacher, seamstress and a girl who likes to have fun! (See the picture of me with the Reese’s cup!)



My first book, You’re Right, My Love, was published in December 2011. My second book, Not Again, My Love, was published in January 2013. In January 2014, my third book, Secrets Abound, My Love, was published. They are part of the Nebraska Holds series. Book four of the series is in the early stages and I have thought of another series of books to being working on soon!




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Questions and Answers

Q: “Since your series is called Nebraska Holds, are you from Nebraska?” – Jennie Bryant Marts


A: That is a marvelous question! The answer is…no! I was born and raised in the wonderful state of Texas! I lived there for twenty-five years before moving to Germany for two and we’ve currently been in Virginia since December 2005. In fact, I’ve never been to Nebraska – EVER! My reasoning for choosing the state is it can have really cold winters and really hot summers. That was it!


Q: “Who designs your covers?”


A: I do! I studied design in college (even taught classes in the subject) as well as took eight years of photography between high school and college. I take my own photographs, manipulate them and create the covers. Now, I will admit, I do send my covers out for critiques by others and through their help, I create the finished product. But those are my photographs!


Q: “I love the cover of your first book. Where did you get the idea?”


A: Once my story had a visible plot line and I knew the ending, I knew what I wanted to include on my cover. Now, just because I knew what I wanted to include doesn’t mean that’s what ended up there! I took over fifty pictures before I settled on the exact one to use. On the cover, and you’ll see it around my website, are my wedding rings. The gold band is the band my husband placed on my hand on our wedding day. The diamond ring is from our fifth anniversary together. I wear them together. I placed them on a bench in our backyard and in the background, that’s my wedding bouquet! I kept it in a box along with other wedding mementos, many of which I used in other photos which didn’t make the cut. So there’s the story!


Q: “When did you start writing?”


A: I began as a young child writing stories. I still have one of the first stories I ever published in a journal from probably when I was eight or nine. It was about a jewelry box. It’s also a story I plan on elaborating on in the future. I won a contest while in high school for another story and it was published as well. I was also on the yearbook and newspaper staffs in high school and college, but pursued a business career instead of writing. I did take one creative writing course as a graduate student and received a lot of pointers. I then began writing again and I did a lot of reading. It helped to define who I was as a writer and how to write even better. The rest as they say is history!


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